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Sunmax Active Collagen Skin Care Product
Sunmax Active Collagen Skin Care Product include Sunmax7 Collagen Essence*1(10ml)+Sunmax 8 Active Collagen Essence Mask*2 pcs -Sunmax7 Collagen Essence Improve the wrinkle and repair sunbrun skin A concentrate that nourishes the skin with deep hydration while helping to support its resili
Sunmax Collagen Implant I-Plus
Sunmax Collagen Implant I-Plus is a sterile injectable device composed of cross-linked highly purified SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) porcine dermal collagen that is purified through advanced purification process. The final collagen implant product has been sterile processed and filled in a sing
Sunmax 6 Collagen Facial Cleanser(100g)
Sunmax 6 Collagen Facial Cleanser(100g) ■ PACKAGE + 100g ■PRODUCT INGREDIENTS + Bioactive medical grade collagen + Decyl glucoside + Oat amino acids ■PRODUCT FEATURES + Fragrance-free and oil-free + To clean your skin without over-dry

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Founded in 2001, with technology out of the benchmarking collagen experts from United States, Sunmax has grown into a highly recognized, public-listed biomedical company in Taiwan. With the capability to develop, manufacture and market high standard collagen-base medical devices, Sunmax is dedicated to have more and more patients to benefit from our innovations in the field of regeneration.


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