Sunmax Active Collagen Skin Care Product

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Sunmax Active Collagen Skin Care Product

include Sunmax 7 Collagen Essence*1(10ml)+Sunmax 8 Active Collagen Essence Mask*2 pcs

-Sunmax 7 Collagen Essence

  • Improve the wrinkle and repair sunbrun skin
  • A concentrate that nourishes the skin with deep hydration while helping to support its resilience against skin damage.
  • It can replenish the collagen and elastin for skin repair, hydration, softness and elasticity.
  • Provide fast moisture absorption and retain skin elasticity

-Sunmax 8 Active Collagen Essence Mask

  • Easy-to-use Active Collagen Essence mask optimally delivers revitalizing and calming ingredients to skin for supreme comfort. Skin is immediately soothed, comforted and radiant
  • To repair the sunburn skin and eliminate the facial wrinkles and fine lines.To enhance water retention for deep moisturization and hydration.
  • It absorbs into the skin easily to condition, soften and help restore the skin's natural moisture barrier and provides moisturisation
  • The skin-calming , and can helps to minimize skin irritation and redness

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